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Date / Salle Conférence
Lundi 25 avril 2022 How small nucleolar RNAs facilitate the Assembly of Ribosomes
Ute Kothe, Ph.D.
University of Manitoba
Lundi 11 avril 2022 Studying the nasal epithelium to understand gene-environment interactions in asthma and allergic diseases
Andréanne Morin, Ph.D.
University of Chicago
Date / Salle Conférence
Lundi 28 mars 2022 Complex geometric recurrences in RNA structures
Vladimir Reinharz, Ph.D.
Lundi 4 avril 2022 Decoding cancer through transcriptomics
Mathieu Quesnel-Vallières, Ph.D.
University of Pennsylvania
Lundi 21 mars 2022 Data driven theory: absolute discrimination and antigen encoding by
immune cells
Paul François, Ph.D.
McGill University
Lundi 7 mars 2022 Long non-coding RNAs as evolutionarily fluid chromatin weavers
Selene Fernandez-Valverde, Ph.D.
Centro de Investigación y de Estudios Avanzados, Irapuato, México
Lundi 21 février 2022 Mechanisms of gene regulation in development and ageing
Marco Trizzino, Ph.D.
Thomas Jefferson University
Date / Salle Conférence
Lundi 13 décembre 2021 Know your limits: the impact of RPA availability on cancer chemotherapy
and responses to replicative stress
Hugo Wurtele, Ph.D.
Université de Montréal
Lundi 6 décembre 2021 RNA polymerase battles drive ribosome biogenesis
Karim Mekhail, Ph.D.
University of Toronto
Lundi 22 novembre 2021 Structural studies towards development of an oral protease inhibitor to
treat SARS-CoVo2 infection
Joanne Lemieux, Ph.D.
University of Alberta
Lundi 15 novembre 2021 Séquençage génomique de Mycobactérium tuberculosis : Développement
de méthodes et translation vers les applications en santé publique

Simon Grandjean Lapierre, Ph.D.
Département de microbiologie, infectiologie et immunologie, Université de Montréal
Lundi 1er novembre 2021 Function and dysfunction of the pancreatic beta cell in type 2 diabetes:
is it all predictable?
Guy Rutter, Ph.D.
Lundi 18 octobre 2021 The gut microbiome in colon carcinogenesis and intestinal healing: friend of foe?
Manuela Santos, Ph.D.
Institut du cancer de Montréal, CRCHUM
Lundi 4 octobre 2021 Protein disorder, multivalency and phase sepraration: Implications for biological function and disease
Tanja Mittag, Ph.D.
St.Jude Children’s Research Hospital
Lundi 10 mai 2021 Mechanism of co-translational protein targeting to the endoplasmic reticulum by the mammalian signal recognition particle
Jomaa Ahmad, Ph.D.
ETH Zürich
Lundi 3 mai 2021 Structural insights into the cytotoxic peptides ATP-driven exporter essential to pathogenicity of drug resistant Staphylococcal aureus by hybrid approaches
Natalie Zeytuni, Ph.D.
McGill University
Lundi 26 avril 2021 Recognition of the Plasmodium spp. circumsporozoite protein by malaria inhibitory antibodies
Iga Kucharska, Ph.D.
University of Toronto
Lundi 19 avril 2021 Structure of the mammalian V-ATPase and its role in antiviral immunity
Yazan Abbas, Ph.D.
McGill University
Lundi 22 mars 2021 Structural basis of Ras inactivation by Neurofibromin
Malik Chaker-Margot, Ph.D.
Biozentrum, Universität Basel
Lundi 8 mars 2021 The non-coding genome in the regulation of cardiac disease
Chukwuemeka George O. Anene-Nzelu , Ph.D.
Cardiovascular Research Institute, Singapore