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Date Conférence
Lundi 10 juin 2024
Mutate everything: mapping the energetic and allosteric landscapes of proteins at scale
Ben Lehner, Ph.D.
Wellcome Sanger Institute
Lundi 27 mai 2024 Mechanisms of PARP Inhibitors in Therapeutic Response and Resistance
Eli Rothenberg, Ph.D.
NYU Grossman School of Medicine
Date Conférence
Lundi 15 avril 2024 Chromatin and Genomic Expression Research Unit
François Robert, Ph.D.
Lundi 22 avril 2024 A biodiversity approach to understanding respiratory complex I regulation
James A. Letts, Ph.D.
University of California
Lundi 8 avril 2024 L’ordre d’épissage des pré-ARNm multi-introniques révélé à l’aide du séquençage par nanopores
Karine Choquet, Ph.D.
Université de Sherbrooke
Lundi 25 mars 2024 ANNULÉE

Spinal cord interneurons and the development of mechanical allodynia
Reza Sharif, Ph.D.
McGill University

Lundi 15 janvier 2024 Cancer mutations: sensors and triggers
Carino Gurjao, Ph.D.
Columbia University
Lundi 12 février 2024 Advanced Cell Engineering Technologies for Fundamental Research and Clinical Applications
Benjamin Haley, Ph.D.
Lundi 19 février 2024 Fonction et modulation de la voie de régulation des gènes médiées par les microARN
Martin Simard, Ph.D.
Université Laval

Lundi 13 novembre 2023Host-Pathogen Interactions in Rift Valley Fever Virus Infection
Kylene Kehn-Hall, Ph.D.
Virginia Tech

Date Conférence
Lundi 4 décembre 2023 DNA repair mechanisms involved in bacterial resistance to genotoxic natural products
Brandt Eichman, Ph.D.
Vanderbilt University
Lundi 27 novembre 2023 LINE-1 retrotransposons: interactomes, structures, and implications in human diseases
John LaCava, Ph.D.
University Medical Center Groningen
Lundi 20 novembre 2023 Probing the dynamics of macromolecules and energetics of molecular interactions with high-performance, fast and accessible computational methods
Rafael Najmanovich, Ph.D.
Université de Montréal
Lundi 6 novembre 2023
Spinal cord interneurons and the development of mechanical allodynia
Reza Sharif Naeini, Ph.D.
McGill University
Lundi 30 octobre 2023 HIV-1 Accessory Proteins: From Membrane Trafficking to Disease
Jimmy Dekeakos, Ph.D.
University of Western Ontario
Lundi 2 octobre 2023 Fonction de la signalisation du TGFb dans l’intégrité neurovasculaires
Alexandre Dubrac, Ph.D.
Université de Montréal
Lundi 16 octobre 2023 Systems Approaches to Decipher the Molecular Mechanisms of Evolutionary Innovation
Anne-Ruxandra Carvunis, Ph.D.
University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine
Lundi 11 septembre 2023 Head of Operations & Biology of ChemoGenix:
the pooled CRISPR/Cas9 screening platform of IRIC,
Université de Montréal
Thierry Bertomeu, Ph.D.
Université de Montréal
Lundi 15 mai 2023 Thioester Power: Investigations into the Mechanism and Activity of Thioester Inhibitors of HIV
Lisa M. Miller-Jenkins, Ph.D.
National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, MD
Lundi 1er mai 2023 High-throughput & quantitative phenotyping of the transcriptional cis-regulatory code
Jean-Benoît Lalanne, Ph.D.
University of Washington
Lundi 24 avril 2023 The Structural Basis of SERM and SERD Efficacy in Y537S ESR1 Breast Cancer Cells
Sean Fanning, Ph.D.
University of Chicago
Lundi 17 avril 2023
Molecular mechanisms of evolutionary innovation
Anne-Ruxandra Carvunis, Ph.D.
University of Pittsburgh
Jeudi 13 avril 2023 Structures of dynamic viral RNA motifs by hybrid methods
Christopher P. Jones, Ph.D.
Lung and Blood Institute
Lundi 27 mars 2023 PKM2 binds pre-mRNA G-quadruplexes revealing a novel cancer regulome
Dimitrios Anastasakis, Ph.D.
National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal ans Skin Diseases
Lundi 20 mars 2023 Control of viral RNA via SARS-CoV-2 nucleocapsid protein condensation
Christine A. Roden, Ph.D.
University of North Carolina
Lundi 13 mars 2023 Multifaceted roles of C2H2 zinc finger-transcription factors in tumorigenesis
Jingwen Song, Ph.D.
Lundi 6 mars 2023
Structures of dynamic viral RNA motifs by hybrid methods
Christopher P. Jones, Ph.D.
Lung and Blood Institute
Lundi 6 février 2023 TULIPs are recurrent 3D genome structures in PFA ependymoma
Marco Gallo, Ph.D.
University of Calgary
Date Conférence
Lundi 21 novembre 2022 Mécanismes de normalisation de l’angiogenèse pathologique
Bruno Larrivée, Ph.D.
Université de Montréal
Lundi 25 avril 2022 How small nucleolar RNAs facilitate the Assembly of Ribosomes
Ute Kothe, Ph.D.
University of Manitoba
Lundi 11 avril 2022 Studying the nasal epithelium to understand gene-environment interactions in asthma and allergic diseases
Andréanne Morin, Ph.D.
University of Chicago
Lundi 4 avril 2022 Decoding cancer through transcriptomics
Mathieu Quesnel-Vallières, Ph.D.
University of Pennsylvania
Lundi 28 mars 2022 Complex geometric recurrences in RNA structures
Vladimir Reinharz, Ph.D.
Lundi 21 mars 2022 Data driven theory: absolute discrimination and antigen encoding by
immune cells
Paul François, Ph.D.
McGill University
Lundi 7 mars 2022 Long non-coding RNAs as evolutionarily fluid chromatin weavers
Selene Fernandez-Valverde, Ph.D.
Centro de Investigación y de Estudios Avanzados, Irapuato, México
Lundi 21 février 2022 Mechanisms of gene regulation in development and ageing
Marco Trizzino, Ph.D.
Thomas Jefferson University