Graduate studies Biochemistry

The M.Sc. research program offers a flexible training comprising a common seminar course and additional specialization courses in one of five options adapted to students’ research interests with 10 academic credits for course work and 35 credits for laboratory research. The options are:

  • Molecular and cellular biology
  • Structural biology
  • Human genomics
  • In silico biochemistry
  • Flexible stream with free choice of courses

The course-based Applied Master’s program provides training oriented towards the needs of industrial research and comprises courses in bioinformatics, molecular and cellular biology, laboratory research methods, administration, law, accounting, enterprise creation, and an internship in industry or government laboratories.

The Ph.D. program provides more in-depth training for students interested in independent research projects leading to careers in biomedical or basic research. It comprises one common seminar course and a maximum of time is reserved for research activities.