Employment opportunities

Situation of our graduates

Even before finishing their formation, many of our undergraduate students find job opportunities in pharmaceutical companies, biotech companies, in the public sector or in research laboratories. The last survey of the Ministry of Education, Housing and Sports (La Relance à l’université 2009) shows that 98% of B.Sc. biochemists on the job market have found full employment and in 66% of cases, this employment is directly linked to their training. Following the rapid evolution of knowledge in the field, 65% of our undergraduates continue to graduate studies in biochemistry or related disciplines.

Job perspectives and economic sector

In future years, the perspectives on the labour market are very good for biochemists, notable in the sector of biotechnology :

  • biopharmaceutic companies
  • biomedical research centres
  • industrial enzymology (bioprocessing)
  • the sector of public health
Other sectors in which biochemists find employment
  • chemical industry
  • the environmental sector
  • agrobiologic production
  • aquaculture and forestry

On the labour market, biochemists conduct analyses and research projects in laboratories, they develop methods and procedures, they work in quality control or as technical advisors, team supervisor or as representative of pharmaceutic companies. Some obtain positions focused on legal and commercial aspects of biotechnology. For certain positions it is necessary to be member of the Order of Chemists of Quebec, which is possible for most biochemistry graduates.