Research days

Simon-Pierre-Noël research day

The Simon-Pierre-Noël research day is organized in the spring of every academic year.

On this occasion the graduate students give oral presentations of the results of their research in the presence of professors, graduate students and other members of the research laboratories. The presentations are evaluated by a jury comprising one professor from another university, two professors of the department and two previous winners of prices at the Simon-Pierre-Noël research day.

Three awards are given for the best presentations, the Simon-Pierre-Noël prize, the Merck-Frosst prize and the Astra Zeneca price. Journée Simon-Pierre-Noël

These awards enable the participation of the winners at a national or international scientific conference.

The Simon-Pierre-Noël award was created in the memory of Dr. Simon-Pierre Noël who was a professor in the Department from 1979 to 1987 (see Simon-Pierre-Noël fund). This award is given every year in the presence of members of the family of Dr. Simon-Pierre Noël.

Louis-Philippe-Bouthillier research day (Departmental retreat)

The Louis-Philippe-Bouthillier research day is organized every second year in the first week of may and usually outside of the university. During these two days the professors and graduate students give oral and poster presentations to present and discuss the results of their research.