Yves Durocher

Associated Professor


  • Expression and purification of recombinant proteins
  • Large-scale transfection
  • Cell culture in bioreactor

Dr Yves Durocher is a Project Leader in the Animal Cell Technology Group of the Biotechnology Research Institute of the National Research Council Canada. The Group consists of 30 researchers, engineers, technicians, students and post-doctoral fellows working on bioprocess developments using animal cells for the production of recombinant proteins (r-proteins) and viral vectors. The production of r-proteins is a critical step for elucidating their the role, function and structure. However, their production is often compromised by their post-translational complexity (glycosylation, disulfide bridge formation, proteolytic maturation, etc). Dr Durocher’s team has acquired an unique expertise in developing processes for the production of r-proteins using stable clones. In addition, his team has developed a large-scale transfection technology using HEK293 and CHO cells allowing the production of milligrams to grams quantities of r-proteins within 15 days following cloning of their cDNAs. This technology is used at up to the 45L-scale and has allow the production and purification of a vast array of secreted, membrane and cytosolic r-proteins. Dr Durocher’s work have shown that over 60% of the cells do express the gene of interest allowing the production of over 100 mg/L of r-proteins five days post-transfection. The research team currently works on further increasing the yields by improving the expression vectors, the cell lines, the culture medium composition and the transfection process. The team also investigate the mechanisms responsible for the capture and nuclear routing of the plasmids in order to develop new strategies to further improve the technology. The low costs, high yields and rapidity of protein expression provided by this technology offer significant advantages for both fundamental and industrial research.


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