Serguei Chteinberg


Contact Information

Département de biochimie
Faculté de Médecine
Université de Montréal
Pavillon Roger-Gaudry, room C-338
C.P. 6128, Succ. Centre-ville
Montréal (Québec)
H3C 3J7


P 514 343-6320
F 514 343-2210


  • Structural analysis of macromolecules
  • Bioinformatics, Genomics and Proteomics
  • Molecular evolution

Theoretical and experimental analysis of the three-dimensional structure of RNA; relations between the sequence, conformation and function of RNA; in silico generation of new RNA molecules, followed by experimental study; structure, function and evolution of transfer RNA and the ribosome; experimental study of mechanisms of protein biosynthesis; in vivo expression of combinatorial libraries of transfer RNA and ribosomal genes.


  • Kotlova N, Ishii TM, Zagryadskaya EI, Steinberg SV. (2007) : Active suppressor tRNAs with a double helix between the D- and T-loops. J Mol Biol. 373:462-75.
  • Steinberg SV, Boutorine YI. (2007) : G-ribo motif favors the formation of pseudoknots in ribosomal RNA. RNA. 13:1036-42.
  • Steinberg SV, Boutorine YI. (2007) : G-ribo: a new structural motif in ribosomal RNA. RNA. 13:549-54.
  • Gagnon MG, Mukhopadhyay A, Steinberg SV. (2006) :Close packing of helices 3 and 12 of 16 S rRNA is required for the normal ribosome function. J Biol Chem. 281:39349-57.