Jean-François Côté

Accredited Professor

Contact Information

Institut de recherche cliniques de Montréal
110, ave des Pins ouest
Montréal (Québec)
H2W 1R7


T 514 987-5647


Dr. Côté’s group focuses on understanding the role of the DOCK180/ELMO-Rac pathway in cell migration using biochemical, cellular, genetic and structural approaches. We are currently studying the molecular players involved in myoblast fusion during the formation of skeletal muscle in order to identify the biological mechanisms regulated through DOCK180/Rac. In addition, we are interested in understanding the molecular mechanisms controlling signaling by receptor tyrosine kinases in the induction of cell invasion and metastasis. In vivo models are used to study the role of AXL and HER-2 in the progression of breast cancer.


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