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El Bachir Affar

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Centre de Recherche
Hôpital Maisonneuve-Rosemont
5415, boul. de l’Assomption
Montréal (Québec)
H1T 2M4


T 514 252-3400, poste 3343 (bureau)
T 514 252-3400, poste 4683 (laboratoire)
F 514 252-3430
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  • Ubiquitin signaling
  • Transcription and DNA repair
  • Molecular oncology

Ubiquitination of proteins is a post-translational modification required for a wide spectrum of biological functions, and defects in several processes involving ubiquitination underlie human diseases. The best characterized ubiquitination reaction involves the formation of polyubiquitin chains, leading to the degradation of target proteins by the proteasome. However, ubiquitination is a complex modification that also mediates cellular functions other than protein degradation. Protein modification by ubiquitin is a reversible reaction and specific proteases can remove the ubiquitin moiety.  A vast repertoire of deubiquitinases (DUBs), including approximately 80 genes, are encoded by the human genome, and are emerging as important regulators of the ubiquitination-mediated processes. As the DUBs are largely unknown, establishing the biological functions and the molecular mechanisms of these proteases is not only a crucial step toward understanding ubiquitin-mediated signaling, but is also a fundamental aspect of cancer biology. We use functional genomics and proteomics approaches to determine the functions and mechanisms of action of DUB enzymes. Our investigations are primarily on DUB genes that are important for the expression and stability of the genome.


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