Andrea Richter

Accredited Professor

Contact Information

Service de génétique médicale
3175, chemin Côte Ste-Catherine
Montréal (Québec)
H3T 1C5


T 514 345-4931, poste 3589
F 514 345-4766


  • Molecular aspects of genetic disease in the Quebec population
  • Native American infant cirrhosis (NAIC)
  • Congenital malformations of the heart

My group studies the molecular aspect of genetic diseases important for the Québec populations. Our current focus is on North American Indian childhood cirrhosis (NAIC) a form of cholestasis frequent in the Ojibway-Cri population of Abitibi. We identified the cirhin gene and the  mutation responsible for the disease. Our studies now focus on animal models and in vitro function assays. The second major interest of the laboratory is congenital cardiac malformations. In a collaborative study with G.Andelfinger (Pediatrics) we used a complete genome scan with SNPs to study more than 40 multiplex families. The aim is to identify candidate genes responsible for left ventricular outflow track obstruction (LVOTO). The genes identified will then be studied with animal models.

The studies in my group are supported by the CIHR.


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